Clue #2: We Lost One

We’re making good on our clue-a-day promise to slowly reveal pictures and details about the major home improvement undertaking that’s currently in progress here at Casa Petersik. You may remember that our first clue was that we had to take our Christmas tree down a full week early, and we’re back with our second clue of the week: where’d the guest bedroom go?


We had to clear out the entire room (closet included) to proceed with our project. Any ideas? Hit us with your best guess. And stay tuned for three more clues over the next three days that will lead up to the big reveal on Monday…


  1. says

    I just found your blog. JUST! I can’t believe I’ve been without it all this time. I can’t wait for the big reveal. Is it a nursery!??!

  2. says

    ok…I already guessed blowing out the wall. NOW i am going to take a gander at blowing out the ceiling and having beams (which I would love to watch, as it is what we talk about doing in our kitchen and family room)

  3. CAROL S. says

    I’m thinking floors, but a nursery would be delightful. I’m imagining the floors stained darker for more contrast. Though, I’d have to say Sherry has been looking way too svelte for that??

  4. says

    Well, in Canada, “We lost one” could mean a kid, a dog, or a digit lost to cold. Since you have no kids, and Burger is accounted for (I’m assuming), and it’s not cold enough where you live to freeze off a finger or toe, I’m sticking with my answer from yesterday. You’re knocking down a wall to open up living space…and enlarge the bathroom (or maybe add a second one?)

  5. Tiffany says

    I’m thinking new floors or staining the floor because even if the wall was coming down the tree could go somewhere else in the house.

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