Burning Question: To Wreath Or Not To Wreath?

Well the holiday season is officially in full swing and we just had to ask: is there a wreath on your front door? And if so, what’s your preference? Natural green boxwood or magnolia leaves? Festive feathers and ornaments? Simple red berries or holly branches? We’d love to know what we’d see if we came a knockin’.


  1. laura says

    I’m pretty proud of my graduate-student-budget-friendly solution. I bought a fake wreath at Hobby Lobby for 50% off (not ideal, but works for now) and a box of small silver ball ornaments (also 50% off) and attached them with wire. Voila!

  2. says

    Sadly we bought a fake wreath this year. That is the thing I really don’t like about living in such a warm climate! In Oregon we always had a green wreath that we bought from the boy scouts. They were so pretty and smelled great!

  3. Molly says

    We have a plain green wreath with a candy cane striped ribbon at the bottom. It’s not my fav, I actually love the one in the pic you posted!!

  4. says

    We don’t have a wreath on our door, but what we do have is this antique Flexible Flyer sled propped upright against our doorframe. On the sled is a wreath with a Santa face and old gold beads draping down. They happen to be old Mardi Gras beads from home.

    Sounds a little odd? I’ll have a picture on our family blog on Monday if you’d like to check it out-or I can send you a link tonight. It’s really lovely, though, and is a nice nod to a vintage Christmas.

  5. says

    I love wreaths & door hangings. I wish I had more doors (or walls) to hang them on. Typically, however, we have a traditional evergreen wreath (purchased through the Boy Scouts) on our front door, and a snowman grapevine wreath (painted white & glittered, complete with top hat and scarf) hanging on our back door.

  6. says

    We have a wreath! I’d tried to sell a “twiggy wreath” with berries on craigslist and it just wouldn’t sell, so I added a bunch of fresh tree trimmings and now I’m thrilled it didn’t sell. It’s hanging outside our glass storm door with a red ribbon that’s invisibly attached with duct tape! The wreath hanger I had hung it way too high. :)

  7. says

    We’re poor just-out-of-college kids right now, so no wreath for us, but my mom has a really lovely red holly berry wreath she found at Cost Plus a few years ago for like, thirty bucks and I kind of love it. Someday!

  8. says

    We have an abundance of tree farms here in Wisconsin, so we always buy a locally made balsam and mixed greens wreath. It has a big red bow and pine cones. Very traditional. After the holidays I like to swap out the bow for something less Christmasy, and leave it up until February 2nd. My mother always said that it’s bad luck to leave a wreath up past Groundhog’s Day. So, you’ve been warned!

  9. EvY says

    like so many other things in life, actresses noses, clevage on playboy models, and our christmas tree, the wreath on our door is fake and its spectacular

  10. Blayne says

    This year I found a beautiful wreath at Target that is made of faux Amaryllis flowers. I love that it is Christmas-y but non-traditional. I didn’t put it on the front door because it annoys me when they swing around and scratch up the door, but is hanging on the wall next to the door.

  11. Lisa says

    My family has never been big on Christmas, so little so that we may not be having it this year. Needless to say, we’re not big on decorations either (don’t even have a Christmas tree.)

    But when I’ve graduated from college and start my career, I think I’d like to get more into holidays, especially once I’ve started a family of my own. Holidays seem like such fun traditions.

    I love the look of red berries, so I think that’s the direction I’d take if I had a wreath.

  12. says

    My brother’s snowboard team sells wreaths every year as their big fundraiser. So for less than $20 each year, we have a real evergreen and pinecone wreath that lasts MONTHS!

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