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Reader Redesign: All Fired Up

When Christy sent us pics of her amazing backyard transformation we were super inspired/jealous. Here’s her letter:

Our backyard before was mostly dirt, grass & weeds with an existing in ground pool & spa. But as soon as we saw some clearance dry stacking stones from Lowe’s we knew we could spruce things up pretty cheaply. We also ended up finding some pavers on clearance at Lowe’s too and plants on clearance at Target so it sort of snowballed from one thing to another and before we knew it we had a before and after story to send to you. Here’s the so, so sad before:


And here’s the almost after (the walls on the benches still need to be painted, but this space is much more used now):

We enjoy fires in the fire pit weekly. Plus, not being green is a lot greener. I am conserving water by switching out to a xeriscape lawn with low maintenance plants. The pavers, rocks (12 tons), fire pit & plants were all done DIY by me, thanks to many long cold nights after work with a broken finger. The benches & BBQ were done by a local mason (they’re topped with flagstone). The entire thing, mason work, materials, plants, etc. was around 2k. I hope you enjoy my little DIY do-over. – Christy

Enjoy it? We live for it. It’s amazingly well done (we love how you mimicked the round spa and pool with the circular fire pit and benches). And to think that you did almost everything yourself (with a broken finger no less) is spectacular. Thanks so much for sending your fabulous before and after pics our way. Yummy.



Susan’s Design Dilemma

When Susan wrote to us in need of some dining room swankification, we trolled the web and tore through our paint decks to create a crisp and inviting space just in time for Turkey day. Here’s her letter:

We definitely need your help with our dining room. It’s a work in progress. The dining room table and chairs must stay but I can easily make new slipcovers if you object to the pattern of the material. The dark sideboard stays but the other can be removed (on the right). The rug is new but it can find a new home in another room if you think it needs to relocate. I was also thinking of getting a capiz shell chandelier- I saw one on your blog that I like. I will be adding crown molding and painting the shutters white. The blue paint is new and I sort of like it. I was thinking about curtains for beside the shutters. I really need accessories to make this room look finished. My style is kind of nondescript- I like things crisp and uncluttered (like Pottery Barn). We moved into a house that was very Southwestern and we are slowly trying to rid it of this influence… adios wrought iron and terrecotta! – Susan

Those floors! That window! Those shutters that will soon be painted white! This room is bursting with potential. So without further ado, our trusty custom mood board to take Susan’s dining room from basic to brilliant:

Beachy Blue Dining Room Before And After Makeover Mood Board 1

Here’s the mood board breakdown.

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