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Tales From The Crypt

Ok, I wouldn’t really call it the crypt exactly, but we do have a couple of funny Halloween anecdotes to share.

#1:  We don’t get too many trick-or-treaters, but we stuck around Friday night to hand out candy to the two dozen kids who braved our dark, sidewalkess street. Most of it was uneventful, except for the four pre-teen girls who were surprisingly obsessed with home decor.  Instead of “trick or treat,” we opened the door to hear “we are in love with everything in your house.” We were a bit caught off guard, so we just smiled, nodded, and forked over some M&Ms. As we closed to the door we could still hear them mumbling about our interior design decisions as they moved on to the next house. Guess we’ll take the compliments where we can get them, even if they are from a group of twelve-year-olds dressed as fairies.

#2:  Sherry and I didn’t dress up this year, but Burger sported a glow-in-the-dark skeleton t-shirt so at least one of us answered the door in costume. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a big fan of wearing it and sporadically burst into crazy, wiggling attempts to get it off.  Luckily, we caught one such attempt on video.  Enjoy:

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  And of course feel free to sound off about any and all goulish tales of your own.



Top Design: Eddie’s Exit

This week’s Top Design took some unexpected twists and turns. Nathan got a lukewarm reception, Ondine was praised and woah, did Eddie really just get the axe? Were you guys sad/shocked/not surprised/gleeful?  What do you think did him in? His aesthetic or his attitude? Do tell.

(PS: This also means that no one in our little contest guessed the top three contenders on the nose. And there are a few of you that should be grateful that Ondine managed to squeak through. Should be an interesting finale…)