Many Thanks

We have so many things to be thankful for.

The dishwasher. Words cannot express our gratitude for the fact that our newly remodeled kitchen includes a dish cleaning maid. We feel like the Jetsons. A little robot cleans our dishes.

Our parents. They love us unconditionally. They whip up our favorite meals. They even read our blog from time to time.

Paint. You’re shocked, right? Kidding. We know we wear our love of paint on our sleeves- but we can’t help being thankful for such an affordable way to overhaul an entire space in an afternoon.

Young House Love. Not the blog (although we’re thankful for that too) but our actual home that we love so much. From our backyard wedding to our never-a-dull-moment home improvement undertakings, it’s the backdrop to some of our favorite memories.

Our little monkey. Burger never fails to amuse us, provoke us, and melt out hearts. He’s our Renee Zellweger. He completes us.

America’s Next Top Model. John and I founded our relationship on discussions about Tyra’s antics back when he was just “that cute account guy from work.” I’m oh so grateful that we met, fell in love, and still get to watch Tyra spaz out 11 seasons later (even if I’m 90% more into it than he is).

You. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for reading. You’re the reason we’re writing this very post, and we appreciate your support, your kind words and everything else that you do to make blogging a joy.


  1. says

    No no no…
    I have to say thanks!!!!
    Thanks for write (everyday) this cool blog always giving suggestions, inspiring me.. even so far (from Brazil).
    Thanks, thanks and thanks… because we don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday here to spend these days staying at home with your family and pets (as your little ‘monkey’), but we have to thanks God everyday for blessing our lives!
    Happy Thanksgiving for you guys!

  2. says

    hey guys! i just want to say thanks to you guys too!

    since i found your blog you haven’t disappointed me on the great things you think up! thank you thank you thank you :)

    have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday :)

  3. honeybunny says

    I thank you also that you brighten my day up from the morning. You make me believe in true love that shine up both from your faces at your couple pics and can not be found easily in this century..Thank you for making me to start dreaming of my future home with my future husband.

  4. jbhat says

    Thank YOU, you Youngsters you. I hope you had a wonderful turkey day. I’m thankful that my loved ones and I did.


  5. Jamie says

    So this may be a bit delayed, but we’ve been traveling all weekend… but I am super thankful for your endless inspiration and DIY help! I hope that you both had a nice holiday.

    I do have a quick question for you…. I am bored at the in-laws and noticed something when looking through past posts. Your white armchair in your den – do you have two of those, one with a skirt and one without? Or did you just add a skirt on? Below are the links that I’m referring to:

    Without a skirt (is it called a skirt? Who knows):

    With a skirt:

    The reason I ask is because we’re hitting up an Ikea tomorrow, and from what I know they have both. I just don’t want it to be a faux pas to have two of the same chairs in my house, even though I love them!

    Thank you!

  6. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey guys,

    So glad Turkey Day left you full and happy. John had to roll me to the car after a colossal evening of face-stuffing. Mmm.

    As for Jamie’s chair question, it’s actually the same chair (from Ikea) but we later added a white slipcover (also from Ikea) for washability but also because we liked the softer line of it- we thought it looked less “cheap-o Ikea” but still felt clean and modern. Hope it helps!

    When it comes to having two of the same chair in the house, we definitely don’t think it’s a faux pas as long as they’re subtle pieces that fit with the rest of the decor (two leopard chaises might be a bit much for one house). We have two Dolce Lounge Chairs from Target (one in the den facing the TV and one in the living room facing the coffee table). They don’t look too obviously repetitive thanks to the fact that they’re neutral pieces with clean lines dropped into different rooms with varied furnishings. Happy chair hunting!


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