Knock Knock. Who’s There? Before. Before Who?

Before and after!

Ok, so we’re not so good at the knock-knock jokes. Sheesh. But we do have an exciting new tab below our header labeled “Our Portfolio“. And what perchance do you think is on that new page? Why oodles of before and afters of course!

That’s right, we’ve finally compiled a collection of every decorating project that we’ve consulted on to date (from mood board makeovers to in the flesh consultations). And we’ve wrangled them into one easy to peruse place for your viewing pleasure. Low budget mini makeovers? Check. Total room overhauls? Affirmative. Bedroom redos? Yuppers. Kitchen transformations? Absafreakinlutely.

So click on over and have a look around (and enjoy the after that goes with the blah before pic above). And remember to check back every now and then for even more makeovers as they continue to roll in…






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