Burning Question: What Wood You Do?

When it comes to your bedroom, do you prefer plush wall to wall carpet OR handsome hardwood floors?

One can be cool and refreshing in the summer, the other warm and cozy in the winter. Carpeting can be softer on the feet while wood flooring can be easier to keep clean. We’d love to know what you guys think. Do tell.


  1. April Z says

    I love the look of the hardwood floor, but if I had that in my bedroom I’d need a nice warm rug to step on when I got out of bed :)

  2. Kelli says

    I also love the look of a wood floor, but we’re going with carpet in our next house. Not only because it just feels cozier to us, but also because we won’t hear the dog’s nails tip-tapping all over the floor all night long. I do love the way wood looks, though, especially with a nice iron bed like in your picture.

  3. Lori says

    Hardwood wherever possible. All four of us suffer from allergies and hardwood is much easier to keep clean. Our bedroom is the last hold out with the original carpet (from the former owners who had a dog). No matter how much I vacuum, it will never be clean enough. I sneeze alot if I sit on my bedroom floor! As soon as we can afford it, that floor will be wood too!

  4. elizabeth says

    wood for sure! we have serious dustmite allergies and carpet in the bedroom would kill us. we are actually trying to decide if we want to try a bedroom rug or keep it bare…

  5. Jen says

    Wood all the way!!!! It just looks so much sleeker and cleaner…not to mention that it IS cleaner (easier to clean and doesn’t collect dust the way carpet can). Yes, it can get chilly in the winter, but that’s what cozy wool socks and big fuzzy slippers are for!

  6. jen says

    i grew up with all carpet.
    my house now is all hardwood floors.
    handsdown i’m a hardwood floor lover. so much more rustic and natural.

    when hardwood floors age, it adds to the character of the house. when carpet ages, it just looks gross and smells.

  7. Molly says

    Definately carpet for the bedroom. I think it’s easier to keep clean than wood since things are more disguised in it (i guess that’s kind of gross though). But mainly we pick carpet for our bedrooms because of the coziness of it, there are plenty of other places in the house for the handsome hardwood floor look. For us, the bedroom is all about comfort!!

  8. says

    What about laminate flooring? I would have loved to have put hardwood in our apartment (and have sworn I will in our next place, which will be more permanent), but in the interests of time and money we went with laminate. We have a dog, and it’s far easier to keep clean, plus I like the look better.

  9. says

    I would love wood floors. Unfortunately, with the weather here, no one does that. When we asked the builder at the showhome to price out hardwood for the upstairs level for our (hopefully) new house the other day, he said they had never done that, “no one ever wants that – you’re kidding right??” I infact was not, but scoffed when they gave me the price.

    So in the meantime, we’re doing carpet. If we ever get a random, large sum of money, I’m switching it out. Then I’ll buy a plush little rug for either side of the bed and make sure we keep our slippers nearby if we need to.

  10. Nicole H says

    Personally I love wood floors, but I am always cold especially in our brutle IL winters. I would opt for a nice large rug to put on the wood floors…when I step out of bed in the morning it is nice to have something soft under my feet.

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