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Our Very First Byline

Check your mailboxes, swing by the newsstand or, well, come to Richmond (ok, maybe that’s too much to ask) because our very first article in R Home magazine has made its debut!

As we mentioned last month, the fine folks over at Richmond’s favorite shelter pub invited us to become regular contributors.  So starting with this Nov/Dec issue, you can check out our “Try This” column that’s full of fresh and simple DIY decorating ideas.  For this holiday issue, we’re offering up new and unexpected ways to decorate with a true classic: Christmas ball ornaments.

contributors young house love in r. home magazine

And if you don’t live in Richmond, don’t worry.  We’ll bring you all the ornamental details once we get closer to the holiday season. The only thing you’ll miss out on are the fancy, professional photos which, I can’t lie, are pretty sweet. But we snagged a bunch of our own pics from behind the scenes to share each and every festive idea, so stay tuned…

Oh, and if you’re here thanks to the article – welcome!  Kick your shoes off and stay a while. Make yourself right at home.



David & Emily’s Color Conundrum

When Emily and her husband David contacted us to help them select colors for their almost-open Mexican restaurant, we whipped out our paint swatches and got right to work. Here’s their letter:

I love your blog and desperately need your color help! My husband and I are opening our second restaurant and need direction. It is a quick casual Mexican restaurant and we like bright bold colors. What we really don’t want is the campy Mexican look with sombreros and Mexican blankets. We are trying to go for a more modern Mexican look- where it looks Mexican, but not like a 70’s bad TV version or most Mexican restaurants with old pictures of Mexican bandits hanging on the wall. Does that make sense? Of course it’s still under construction but the floor is a brown stained concrete, and there will be a lot of stainless steel on the trim and kitchen walls. The tables will be wood and the chairs will be multicolored – red, blue and yellow. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Thanks so much for your help!! -Emily and David

We can’t wait to see which color combo David and Emily pick. And let me just preface our three digital color schemes by saying that the paint chips are about a million times more dynamic and harmonic than the photoshop rendering below, so we definitely encourage David and Emily to grab all the suggested paint swatches and bring them into the space to decide which scheme tickles their fancy the most. But without further ado, our three bright and current color scheme suggestions:

Here’s the color palette breakdown.

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