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Reader Redesign: The Handy Hubby

When we saw Liv’s amazing bathroom transformation, we were super psyched to share her hubby’s handiwork. Here’s her letter:

I love your site. Love love love. My hubs and I are in the process of remodeling our Pink House (PH) in Utah and it’s been a slow and arduous project. My hubs has single-handedly learned so much about everything home-remodel-related that I had to brag and show off his handiwork to you guys. He read a fantastic plumbing book and then redid EVERY SINGLE PIPE in the entire house. The original ones (and I do mean original– 1924) were rusted out, leaky, clogged… blah. So he read about PEX plumbing and degrees of drainage and things I shudder to consider and slaved away in a tiny crawlspace to create a beautiful bathroom for me. It’s not finished yet, but it is practically fully-functional at this stage. There’s just a small leak in the sinks so they’re not running yet.  But it’s still amazing!! I can’t believe he did all this and did it so well. While I still get frustrated at times living in a construction site, I’m so grateful for all that’s happening in my little PH.

Thanks for showing your projects and the projects of others. It reminds me to take it slow and that the end of all my remodeling will someday be upon me (I hope!!). Regardless of how long my house takes, I’m always happy to see the progress of others via your site. I need all the inspiration and motivation I can get!!  -Liv

Here is the doozie of a before:

And the fun and fabulous after:

We bow down to Liv’s hubby for his amazing work. And Liv, we’re pretty sure you were involved with the cute decor so we bow down to you as well. Thanks so much for sharing. And if any of you readers have some fresh and fabulous before and afters of your own- don’t forget to send ‘em our way. We eat that stuff for breakfast.



Davis’ Design Dilemma

When this single dad came looking to us for some help with his new condo, Sherry figured I’d be just the man for this man’s design dilemma (although admittedly all of our mood boards are a team effort). Here’s Davis’ letter:

I recently purchased this two-bedroom condo that I share with my daughter. My design challenge is the living room and dining room combo. Because of the layout and placement of the fireplace, I just don’t know how to furnish it or arrange the room. The fireplace is the focal point because of the TV, but because of the fireplace’s position in the living room I realize that my sectional sofa just doesn’t work for the room. Casual contemporary style most appeals to me since a lot of time will be spent in the living room whether entertaining or relaxing. The high dining room table (I’m 6’5) and TV stays, everything else can go. I’m also looking for a new wall color. I really don’t know what patterns I like and I’m open to suggestions. I do like solids and the colors black and brown. I am ready to be swankified! – Davis

Some furniture recommendations and room layout suggestions to help Davis and his daughter better use this space are coming right up.  And in the process we’ll try to nudge him towards a slightly more colorful and patternful world than his go-to brown and black. So without further ado, our masculine and comfortable mood board:

Davis'ManlyMasculineLivingRoomMakeoverMoodBoard 1

Here’s the mood board breakdown.

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