He’s Got Skullz

We gotta take a moment give our very good friend Noah Scalin a big, public pat on the back (we gave him plenty of real-life back pats last week when he invited us over for dinner and Bananagrams).  Not only is he an all-around good guy (who sometimes brings us cookies), but he’s also constantly giving us new reasons to admire him.  Allow me to count the ways…

1.  He’s the award-winning blogger behind the crazy popular Skull-A-Day website. His yearlong project of making daily skull-shaped art of all kinds recently earned him the 2008 People’s Voice Webby Award.  That’s big time blogging for ya.  Also big time, being part of his human “Group Skull” a few months ago.  You can spot us immediately to the left of the nose (Sherry’s wearing my giant t-shirt as she only owns black tees).

2.  He’s got a sweet house here in Richmond that acts as both a cozy spot for displaying his art and a friendly place for the occasional dinner party / game night.

It’s like an inviting museum of skulls. We especially love checking out his mantle which runneth over with skulls made from duct tape, book spines, takeout containers and white legos. Insanely cool.

3. He’s successfully making the leap from Internet star to published author.  A selection of Noah’s skull art is now for sale in his new book “Skulls.” It’s the perfect addition to any art lovers’ bookshelf, especially if you’re looking to get into the spirit of Halloween. You can pick it up at your local bookstore or Barnes & Noble. And be sure to check out the “Thank You” section in the back, you might just recognize a couple of names (hint, hint).

4. I saved the best for last – he’s chillin’ with Martha Stewart on TV tomorrow.  No lie.  Noah’s going to be on the Martha show on Friday, Oct 10 to showcase his book and hopefully get Martha in touch with her skully side (it looks like she has no problem getting in touch with her creepy side).  Check your local listings to see it for yourself.  And who knows, maybe we’ll even get some of good Martha gossip from Noah to dish out later.

So again, bravo to Noah on all of his admirable accomplishments. While we don’t have a book to formally thank him in, we’ll at least use this post to say “Thanks Noah, for being a constant source of inspiration and setting an ever-rising bar that we can only someday hope to meet.”


  1. Lori says

    For some reason, the Martha show is a day behind here in Richmond (on digital). If you look under your zip code, Noah is listed as appearing on Monday the 13th in the Richmond area. This has been really confusing as the schedule on the Martha website is a day ahead of what actually plays in Richmond. Can’t wait to see the Skull man!

  2. YoungHouseLove says

    Oooh, good point, Lori. We learned this a few weeks ago when we tried to watch Martha’s special episode on blogging. If you’re like Richmond and Martha doesn’t air on any of the regular networks, it re-runs a day late on the Fine Living Network (which is why you’ll see Noah on Monday the 13th).

    Noah, looking forward to those M&Ms. I expect them to be divine.


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