Color Me Skeptical

You guys seemed to like our foray into the theory of homestrology last week, so I’m back with another attempt to see if our birthdates really do say more about us than “this is when you owe me a present.”  This time we’re talking colorstrology (since apparently adding “-strology” to the end of words is a thing now).

The people at Pantone recruited astrologist Michele Bernhardt to create this website, which tells you the color that guides you based on your birth month and even your specific birthdate.  So just like with homestrology, I’m skeptical but willing to see if it rings true when it comes to our color sensibilities.

We’ll start with me this time. My November birthday means my color is Claret Red (didn’t my homestrology profile try to pin red on me too?!). I’m usually more of a blue / green guy, but I recall the site’s disclaimer that your birth color isn’t necessarily the same as your favorite color.  The more important thing is it’s meaning: that I’m “intense, passionate and transforming” and that I “can see past the mundane and into the hearts of others.”  Not sure what this means, but it isn’t sounding a whole lot like me.

It gets interesting when I look up my specific birth date – November 15.  Suddenly my color gets pinker and becomes Garnet Rose.  Awesome.  But at least it means I’m “instinctive, sexy and admired”.  I’ll take the compliment, but I’m not so sure what to make of the phrase that “surrounding yourself with your color helps transform hurt into fertilizer for creation.”  That wording kind of weirds me out. So don’t expect to see Garnet Rose (or fertilizer) in my home anytime soon.

I was feeling relatively okay about my colorstrology profile… until I saw Sherry’s and got jealous.  Her birthmonth, March, stole my blue (Fair Aqua) and her birthdate, the 19th, stole my green (Arcadian Green).  Perhaps that’s why green and blue are frequent accent colors in our house.  And while I was plenty satisfied being called sexy and admired, Sherry’s profile is just one big string of compliments: “the ability to shine and excel… an array of talents to choose from… youthfulness and wisdom that’s intriguing and attractive… wise and strong…” The list goes on.

So, like with homestrology, Sherry gets a home run while I’m left a little bewildered.  Maybe I should’ve been born in March too.  Harumph.

Check out your own colorstrological profile here and let us know how it worked out for you. And a big thanks goes out to How About Orange for diggin’ up this link.


  1. Tatyana says

    So, same as you John, I was kind of skeptical to all this -ology “stuff” until last week when you talked about Sherry being born in March and the colors being green and blue and I sort of thought… yeah, I’m born in March, yeah, I like blue and green…
    So today I decided to look into the Pantone colorstrology and what did I find for March 11th?
    Color: Winter Sky (the color of our bedroom walls since 2004)- weird!
    And it says I’m talented, aesthetic and resourceful. everything I’m about. I love designs on a budget (why I like your blog so much) and I’m working towards a degree in Architecture with an emphasis on affordable housing – even more weird!
    Maybe you were meant to be born some other day or month… :)

  2. Sarah says

    I got smoky green- it was very pretty! My husband got jade green which is ironic because his favorite color was blue- when I was shopping for bridesmaids dresses I wanted blue for his fave color, but ended up with jade green…. hmmm….maybe there is something to it ;)

  3. says

    i liked mine – thistle down. but i don’t really think it means much. my daughter’s color is chintz rose. i don’t see us using a lot of that in the house – since it’s not 1984 anymore.

  4. MaryAZ says

    I never believe those things…lucky I didn’t have to waste my time, my b-day is Nov. 15th too!! Although, this year it is the big 4-0!! I am claiming the whole month of November as “M’s special birthday month!” Do you think my hubby will buy it? He is not very good with the b-day thing, hoping he will get it right this year!

  5. YoungHouseLove says

    Seems like, just with homestrology, that this is a hit for some of us and a miss for others. And Mary – how funny that we share a birthday! I’m totally down with the birthday month idea so I say go for it.

    I’ll keep you guys posted on any other -strology stuff I dig up.


  6. says

    I’m a November 17th birthday… Claret red seems like a romanticized assessment… and I’ll take it. But, I too, surround myself in shades of blues and greens, more so greens.
    Twas fun reading this post.

  7. says

    Hello Petersiks! I’ve been a fan of YHL for a while now and am working my way through your archives :) and I just wanted to say that my birthday is November 15th too!! :D I also am super skeptical about the colorstrology thing and completely disagree with it! That’s just my 2 cents – happy book touring and I can;t wait to get my copy!

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