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Do The Math

When it comes to the how long, how many, and how often, we don’t usually take the time to quantify our blogging. But for our oh-so-special blogiversary, we wanted to break things down for you a bit.

380: The number of posts that we’ve written to date

2,592: The amount of comments we’ve amassed from our lovely readers (this is already out of date thanks to the great responses to our previous post).

1,799: The total number of spam comments that our stupendous spam filter has intercepted.  (No thank you fake commenters, we don’t need anything “enlarged” around here.)

8: The number of posts we like to have in the hopper at all times (just in case John surprises me with a fabulous vacation someday…)

18: The most posts that we’ve published in a week

4: The most posts that we’ve published in a day

2: The average number of times a day I call John with a technical blog question/emergency

2: The average number of times a day I call John to tell him about something funny that Burger did

10: The average number of hours each day that I sit at my desk chained to the computer

5: The number of steps from my desk to the couch (where I relocate with the computer on my lap after John comes home)

4: Average number of times per week that I use the word “swankify”

5: The number of “Sherry-words” John refuses to use when blogging (swoon, swankify, gorge, fab and purty)

America’s Next Top Model: It’s not a number, but it’s our favorite non-home-improvement show to watch while blogging (although there’s a fair amount of pausing so we don’t miss any of Tyra’s insanity)

Anything we missed that you must know?  Ask and we shall calculate (to the best of my math-challenged abilities, that is).



Who Do You Think You Are?

No really, who are you people? You’re a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

To help answer that very question, we thought we’d use our blogiversary week to get to know you fine people a little bit better – who you are, why you read and how you think we can make Young House Love even better moving forward.

So if ever there was a time to comment, it’s now.  Please – no, pretty please – take two minutes to answer the questions below.  And if you’ve never commented before or are unsure how, it’s easy.  Just click the number in that green speech bubble to the right of this post’s title and scroll to the bottom of the page. Real names and e-mail addresses aren’t required so the pressure is off. And if you’re still too shy, feel free to e-mail your answers to

And since we’re already stealing a page from Decorno’s book by doing this poll in the first place, we promise to recap all of your comments at the end of the week, a la her State of the Blog Address. So here we go with the asking of the questions:

  1. Who are you? Male/Female? Age? Location? Marital status? Any kids?
  2. How often do you read Young House Love? (Daily? Once a week? Whenever you have free time at work?)
  3. How do you prefer to view Young House Love? (On Through an RSS reader like Google or Bloglines?)
  4. What are your favorite types of posts & why? (Easy DIY ideas? Before & after pictures? Design Dilemmas? Major home improvement undertakings?)
  5. What are your other must-read blogs? (If you have one of your own, feel free to plug it right here!)
  6. What advice do you have for us to make Young House Love even better in year #2?
  7. And, for fun, what’s one change you would make to your house (assuming time and money were no object)?
  8. Anything else you want us to know, or just gotta share with the world?

Thanks again for your time! And have we told you that you look lovely today? Because you do.