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Shawn’s Color Conundrum

When we heard that Shawn and his crew were in desperate need of a new exterior paint color for the 50’s rancher that they’re currently renovating, we couldn’t wait to step in and offer some handy hue advice. Here’s his letter:

I’ve been renovating a mid-century modern house for the last few months (too many) and I need some color help. In most areas the owner has given me complete freedom to do as I see fit, however he’s very attached to the house and has strong opinions about the exterior color scheme. He wanted to paint the siding a dark orange-brown (darker for the trim and a little lighter for the siding). We talked him into at least doing the trim in a dark brown, but couldn’t talk him out of the orange siding color. So we went with it. But when the owner saw it even he agreed that it didn’t work. He thinks it still looks too dark. We don’t want to have to repaint the dark brown trim if at all possible and would prefer to just repaint the siding on the gables. I’m partial to Benjamin Moore, so I’d prefer that the new color suggestion is also BM. We used Van Buren Brown HC-70 on the trim and Briarwood underneath the soffits. Even before you launched your color consulting service, I saw your moodboard service and figured I would email you about just coming up with colors and then literally the next day you announced the color consulting. Sweet. – Shawn

The brick ranch had definitely come a long way before we came into the picture. Here’s the dreary before:

And the much improved after:

After all their hard work, we were more than happy to whip up three exterior color suggestions for those orange gables:

Our color swatches above might seem similar thanks to the fact that each group features the deep brown trim color and a deep red tone pulled from the brick & the vertical redwood siding, but the top color swatch in each color palette has a different undertone which will make for three slightly different exterior color scheme outcomes. And since we liked all three of these variations, we decided to share them all to allow Shawn and his crew to select their favorite (which will hopefully tickle the homeowner’s fancy as well). Here’s the color scheme breakdown.

1. In this scheme we actually suggested repainting those dark orange gables in the taupey-gray color that Shawn and his crew used under the soffit (Benjamin Moore’s Briarwood). This subtle neutral tone with a bit of coolness to it (thanks to the gray undertones) will break up all the red and orange tones going on in the brick and the redwood to create a crisp and light contrast to make the house pop. We’d also suggest bringing the same color into the front door for that much needed contrast (so it doesn’t look camouflaged and attracts the eye right away). We think it’ll shout welcome home and make for a crisp and current color palette all around. But don’t take our word for it, here’s a digital rendering of color scheme #1. Of course it’s only as accurate as Shawn’s computer monitor, but it’ll give him an idea of what the lighter and more neutral tone will do for the entire house:

Now for the other two paint palette explanations.

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