199 Comments Later

It took us ’til last night to finally catalog all 199 responses to Tuesday’s get-to-know-you-better post. And we’ve thoroughly enjoyed poring over all of your comments for the last three evenings.  So thank you again for taking the time to tell us about who you are and why you’re here. You guys were a total mystery to us (much like this picture below) but now we feel like we’ve known you for years.

You’re like us: This should come as no surprise, I guess, but for some reason we were shocked by how many of you were just like us: 20-something married couples figuring out this whole home ownership thing. A remarkable number of you are not only from Virginia (26), but are also from our beloved Richmond (11). And a whole lot of you are dog owners too (Burger says “holla” to the 96 pups mentioned).

You’re not like us: But even while the average commenter was 29 years old, others ranged from their teens to their sixties. There were mothers of many, expecting mothers (congrats to the 5 of you!) and even an expecting grandmother (rock on Marty).  People also commented from all corners of the nation and even the world (Europe, Australia, and Asia were among the international locales). But it’s clear that no matter our ages, life stages or locations- we all share this common love for sprucing up the place that we call home.

Three of you are like me: That is, male. Thanks to readers (and fellow home improvement enthusiasts) Wes, Ethan and Kyle for having my back. Although I also like that Melissa and Heather outed their men for reading in secret. The scandal!

We’re in a committed relationship: Most of you called yourselves daily readers – although some admitted to being a bit more obsessive about it.  Either way, we’re totally flattered.  And we love that so many of you come directly to the site (60%) but are also grateful to Google Reader and other RSS feeds for keeping the rest of you up to date on all things YHL. Let’s say we’ve got plenty of motivation to keep the posts a comin’ on a daily basis.

But enough about who you are, let’s talk about what you want…

More of the same: It’s always nice to be reassured that we’re doing something right so, to borrow a phrase from five of you, we plan to “keep on keepin’ on.”  Expect more of your favorites – Before & Afters, Design Dilemmas, DIY Projects, Green Tips, etc. And to keep the ‘ol ball rolling, we’d love MORE E-MAILS from you guys. Send us your before & after pics (especially you design dilemma folks!) because there are only so many more “afters” that our budget allows for in our own home at the moment.

New twists: But what fun is staying completely the same?  So thank you, thank you, thank you for all the awesome new ideas to keep things interesting around here. Here’s just a sampling of the things you can look forward to:

  • Contests – You guys clearly love free stuff as much as we do, so give us some time and we’ll figure out a fun contest or giveaway for a custom mood board, something from our shop or – who knows – maybe even a major prize from some generous big whig out there.
  • Holiday Decor – ‘Tis almost the season, so stay tuned for entertaining ideas, affordable holiday decor, and all things to help you give thanks and deck the halls.
  • Low/No-Cost Makeovers – Whether you’re a renter like Carrie, or just looking to save some loot, we’ll put our heads together to dig up some more low budget and no budget design tips in the coming months.
  • More House Crashing – We got so many invitations to crash homes across the country that we’re already saving our pennies for our first house crashing flight.
  • Party Crashing – We think weddings are a great place for design inspiration, so we loved the suggestion to look at other parties for ideas. Stylish table settings, memorable invitations and tasty appetizers are on the agenda among other entertaining tips and tricks. Any varsity part-throwers out there willing to invite a couple of chatty Richmonders to their next shindig in the name of research?

But that’s not all. Not even close. There’s plenty more good stuff where that came from (including lots of laughs) but we’ll leave it at that for now. It was GREAT meeting all of you virtually. Thank you for all the kind words and for helping us make our second year even better than the last.


  1. mei says

    i know i’m kinda late on the draw here (by a few years), but that mystery picture you have is of the mars rovers and the NASA scientists that built them. just wanted to shed a little light on that mystery for you.

  2. Harinee says

    You should do another one of these now – I bet you get thousands instead of 199(sounds like such a SMALL number!) And you’ll have to expand the regions into international categories for sure!

  3. Harinee says

    How did I miss that?! I polled-in(that a word?) now. Asia is missing out on your fabulousness(what’s with these words today?), seriously:)

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