Burning Question: An Open Relationship?

We’re back with yet another burning question for you guys. And it has to do with open, common areas vs. separate, private spaces. Do you prefer an office with walls and a door, or a desk in the corner of a family room? What about when it comes to washing and drying? Do you favor a room devoted solely to laundry, or a laundry corner in a den or other informal family room that facilitates relaxing between loads and folding while watching some tube?

Here’s a rarely seen angle of our very own den. You can see that we created a laundry nook a few feet away from our seating area in the foreground and stuck a desk on the left side of the room so one of us can type while the other is tv-ing. I guess it makes us feel like we’re spending more time “together” even if John’s busy folding and I’m busy formatting a document.

But that’s just our approach. And we wanna hear what you think. Is open living so in vogue that even a laundry center and an office out in the open appeal? Or would you rather draw the line at open kitchens and living areas while keeping the desk and the dirty clothes behind closed doors? Spill the beans.






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