House Crashing: The Big Reveal

There are about a million and one suggestions to make a small space feel larger, but when it comes to cozying up a large room with soaring ceilings and square footage to spare, there’s nary a tip or trick in sight. So without further ado we’d like to take you on a fun house tour through our good friend Justine’s amazing abode. Her house serves as the perfect example of what to keep in mind to evoke that cozy and über inviting feeling that doesn’t always go hand in hand with a super-sized space.

Rule #1: Create different zones by using a variety of furniture arrangements and other decorating elements to define each space. For example, Justine and her husband John’s kitchen has separate areas for cooking, eating in, and living that are defined using light fixtures, rugs, and furniture placement to create three smaller rooms within one large one that screams “come on in and stay a while.”

Rule #2: Incorporate deep wall colors that you couldn’t otherwise get away with in a small, light-starved space. The bold use of navy in their man cave (both on the pool table and on the back wall of their screening room) keeps things from seeming too open and undefined, and adds a stunning punch of color that a smaller room couldn’t handle.

Rule #3: Choose rich tones of wood over white or pine furniture (or any pieces with reflective mirrors and glass tops) which can expand the look of a room instead of cozying things up. These solid furnishings ground the coffered ceiling and keep the expansive space from looking too vacant while the paneled wainscoting seems to envelop you as you walk into the room.

Rule #4: Bring in eathtones and natural stone when you can, like they did in this vast bathroom (which features an amazing multi-jet spa shower as well). Sure, you usually can’t go wrong with gleaming white subway tile, but in this space it could look stark. The use of a rich granite countertop and a complementary natural stone tile around the jacuzzi tub (and that amazing aforementioned shower) keeps the room feeling spa-like and serene without seeming sterile.

Rule #5: Be sure to inject a little personality in a large house like Justine and John’s to keep it from feeling like a nondescript “builder” home. They painted the coffered ceiling in their master bedroom a pale blue color which really adds some signature style to the room while bringing the ceiling down a bit to keep things cozy. Justine also introduced a super fun green floral chair in the living room (see above), which is just the personal touch that a gorgeous home like this needs to feel, well, like home.

Now it’s your turn. Do you guys have any more big room tips to share? We’re sure we missed a bunch so feel free to chime in with some sage advice for all of our readers lucky enough to have room to spare. And a special thanks to Justine and John for the Young House Love Open House!


  1. says

    I am green with envy over that bathroom. I think I may be in love with your friend’s tub. They have a beautiful house, huge but cozy.

  2. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey Lauren,

    I put in a request with Justine for those wall colors in the man cave. Stay tuned for the details…


  3. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey Lauren,

    Just heard from Justine about those wall colors in the man cave. They’re both by Benjamin Moore and the navy is Van Deusen Blue and the other is Grant Beige. She had the colors memorized because they changed their minds so many times until they found the perfect colors. She also mentioned that the “Van Deusen blue rocks… like it’s navyish, but not too navy…”

    Hope that helps!


  4. Brooks says

    I love their colors too! Is there anyway to find out the kitchen and dining room colors – just gorgeous.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Brooks,

      Here’s that answer right from the horse’s- I mean homeowner’s- mouth:

      Easy – again, memorized. ;) Kitchen is Brookside Moss, dining room is Rosy Apple, both Benjamin Moore.


  5. says

    I just love the first image! The way the kitchen and living room blend together is just great! My husband and I are house plan hunting right now and I’m dying to find out about this one! Is there anyway I could find out who built this house so I could see a similair floor plan? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks so much,

  6. Sherri says

    What a beautiful home. I’ve been looking for a bedroom dresser similar to theirs. Is there anyway you can find out where they got their set?
    Thank you!!


  7. Sarah says

    I loved this house crash! We just bought our 1st home last year, and we have a similar problem – builder basic, but enormous! The floorplan is open, and we have really high ceilings, so it’s hard to bring everything down to size sometimes. (I’m not complaining, it’s a good problem to have!) We have broken sections of the greatroom up, and we’ve used some darker, richer colors already, but the other tips are GREAT!

  8. says

    Sherri –

    I believe, based on the photos, that we have the exact same bedroom set. Do a search for “Brentwood Drawer Dresser by Universal Brentwood Collection” and you should find what you’re looking for, if you’re still looking. Good luck!

  9. Kacy says

    I would just like to point out that there is a tv in their master, and above the fireplace non- the-less. I’ve been going through the archives and I love your guys’s style.

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