Burning Question: Breakfast At Tiffany’s In Bed?

Ok, another burning question for you guys: what are your thoughts about having a tv in the bedroom? This is a surprisingly polarizing topic for many people, and we’d love to know whatcha think. This breathtaking master suite by Candace Olson has a big flat screen above the fireplace. Thoughts on this seemingly popular decorating trend? Do tell…


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    We don’t have one, and I hope we never do. We are not totally innocent though, we have been known to watch a movie in bed via Ipod… but that encourages us to be REALLY close.

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    I am not a fan of the tv in the bedroom, I’ve seen too many people become hermits in their own homes because of a television in their bedroom. But on the other hand, if you live with a roommate (or roommates) a tv in the bedroom in a must, at least if you want to continue to like your roomy.

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    I don’t mind having a TV in the bedroom – we have one, but rarely watch. Its more in there for when we are sick or lazing in bed on Saturday morning. I am totally AGAINST the TV over the fireplace though. Tuck that TV away in a more inconspicuous spot, and put some gorgeous art up there!

  4. stacie says

    on the RARE occasion i have no work or kids, and can curl up in bed and watch a great old movie…..i LOVE having the TV in there.
    If i could afford the MTV cribs style end table where the TV slowly rises when you want it, and hides when you dont… that would be great, but until then, over the fireplace it is!

    BTW, that bedroom is amazing

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    Hmmm-well we don’t have one in our bedroom and haven’t the 3 years we’ve been married. But, I’ll tell you what, there are some nights that I would love to just curl up in bed and watch a movie/favorite tv show before bed.

  6. Amanda says

    I am so so so against TVs in the bedroom! Pre-bed time is for reading a good book, talking about our day, and you know, that other thing couples do in their bedroom. I also think it helps me sleep better to have a bed for (mostly) just sleeping. If I want to watch a movie or a TV show I will head to the living room.

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    It may not be the prettiest solution, but the fireplace is the focal point in the room so it makes sense to put something you are going to look at a lot there. It wasn’t my first choice to put my (downstairs) TV above the fire place, but space constraints sometimes force you to put a TV above a fireplace.

    As for being in the bedroom, I don’t really want one in the room. The girlfriend disagrees. I’m just hoping I don’t have to put it above the fireplace. It’s a lot of framing and electrical work to mount a TV – a task I don’t want to repeat.

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    I’m not really a fan of TV in the bedroom. We only have one TV and thats how I prefer it. It’s easy to just turn on the TV and zone out rather than interact with people and actually do something.

  9. Jackie says

    There is nothing better than snuggling up and watching a movie in bed on the weekends! But after we moved to a bigger house and ran out of tv’s to put in the bedroom, I don’t miss it much. In fact I sleep much better, because I’m not up till the wee hours in the morning trying to watch an episode of something. I also think it makes the bedroom more romantic, because it’s not just another room to watch tv in….it’s for relaxing. :o)

  10. Justine says

    Although I do sometimes wish I had one for those lazy days of watching a movie in bed, I have always lived by the rule of not having a TV in the bedroom. I just believe that the bedroom should be a relaxing oasis and a TV just doesn’t scream peacefulness. Thankfully my husband agrees and I think it not only helps us sleep better but makes us look at the room as our relational retreat where we can talk before bed instead of just “vegging” out.

    P.S. Just wanted to add that I adore your blog, your creativity, and your beautiful house!! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  11. Cori says

    I’m definitely not a fan of having a tv in the bedroom. But, we too have been known to watch a movie on the laptop in bed :) (And this bedroom is so gorgeous!)

  12. says

    We tried to go without the tv…but gave in. I think as long as you have it in a nice place in the room (ie. Candace Olsen’s great room) or up on a nice shelf with the cords hidden it might be okay.

  13. underwood-dc says

    I think it is just personal preference. I don’t believe it is good or bad design; or right or wrong.
    For me, it depends on the room. If I had a room like that one above, I most certainly would want a TV because then it means more time to spend in there.

  14. says

    I’m pro-TV in the bedroom. However I’m anti-falling asleep with the TV on, which is something the boyfriend and I disagree on. It is nice to stretch out and watch a movie though.

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    I’ve had a TV in my “bedroom” beginning with the dorm days through single-hood. Yet, my husband and I made a pact to keep the TV out of the bedroom. Honestly, I like heading to bed to sleep… rather than heading to bed to relax and hope you fall asleep. We even opted for a house that bucks the “master suite” trend just so that we didn’t have extra room that would beckon a TV into the lounge area.
    As an added bonus… I don’t end up dreaming about really odd stuff that I hear about as I fall asleep with the TV on.

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