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How To Grow Lush Grass (Overseeding & Starter Fertilizer)

After overseeding the yard and tossing down some fertilizer to get things going, we quickly found ourselves with a full fledged jungle on our hands after a long span of rainy days.

You think I’m kidding…

But what a difference a little mowing makes.

We’re loving the newly coiffed backyard, and we thought we’d explain the quick and easy steps it takes to pull of a lush lawn of your own.

First grab some grass seed (we like tall fescue grass here in VA, but it varies regionally) and some starter fertilizer (meant to be applied when seeding or overseeding). We also like to use a broadcast spreader that you push around the yard to spread the seed and fertilizer. Easy peasy.

Then be sure to water it for at least 15 minutes every other day (or in our case, just happen to get lots of rain over the course of a few weeks). Usually on exactly the seventh day, some tiny green blades of grass will emerge, and within another two weeks the grass will grow to at least three inches, at which time it’s ready to mow. Then just water it as needed during any dry periods and otherwise you’re good to go.

And since we’re talking about the great outdoors, how about a gratuitous picture of our hot pink azaleas?

Anyone looking for the perfect flowering shrub, look no further. Azaleas border our house on all sides and we get about three solid weeks of pink and white blooms every spring. The rest of the year the bushes are just cute and green and since we’re far enough south they’re evergreens (which means they don’t drop their leaves in the winter) which is a major plus.

Oh and remember the table we built for the sunroom? We’ve been getting tons of use out of it now that mother nature has started showing off. We love eating dinner out there, and on one rare day John even got to work from home from that very spot. Tough life, eh?