As March Madness follows us into April, we thought we’d offer up a way for all you non-basketball fans (like us) to get in on all this bracket business. It’s a little book called The Englightened Bracketologist: The Final Four of Everything. It’s fun. It’s yellow. And we find it’s a great little nugget of pop culture entertainment to have around the house (ours lives in the guest bedroom).

Here’s the gist: the editors have gathered 101 experts on 101 different topics to determine the winners in 101 different bracketed categories. From the epic battle between apples and peaches for the fruit championship, to (Sherry’s personal favorite) the ranking of the “Most Jersey” town in New Jersey, there are plenty of enlightening head-to-head battles to enjoy.

Here are a few more of our favorite final showdowns:

  • Hairstyles – The Hillary vs. Cornrows
  • Inventions – Paper vs. Sliced Bread
  • Game Show Catchphrases – “Survey said…” vs. “Come on down!”
  • Punctuation – The Space vs. The Semi-colon
  • Bald Guys – Homer Simpson vs. Gandhi
  • Emoticons – :-D vs. :-)

As you can see, The Englightend Bracketologist takes the bracket concept far beyond the NCAA and tackles topics that, personally, are far more interesting- although I have no clue why my favorite candy bar (PayDay) didn’t even make it past the first round.

You’ll just have to grab a copy for yourself to find out who claimed victory in all of these challenges. It’s definitely worth the $11 (in hardcover, no less) because whether it’s on your nightstand or your coffee table, it’s sure to spark an entertaining and colorful debate.

And I think you’ll take issue with the candy bar results too. Heck, I’d even bet on it…


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