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Great Berkus

You know how you’re allowed to pick someone who’s famous to have a crush on with your spouse’s blessing? Well, Nate Berkus is mine. And John’s pleased as punch seeing that even if Nate and I somehow ran into each other I’d still have no chance due to that tiny little detail that he’s not exactly interested in women. Anyway, beyond his boyish good looks and boundless charm and charisma, Nate has one of the best design senses of anyone on this green Earth. And that’s not just my crush talking. Look at some of his gorgeous interiors here.

Yummy. Swoon. Yes please.

Those earth, elegant, natural interiors never fail to inspire me. In fact, I was probably subconsciously channeling Nate when I picked out our jute rug in the den, our glass and iron coffee table in the living room, and all the coral and starfish that I sprinkle about.