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Initial Reaction

Ok, I’ve rambled about monograms and personalized initials a few times, but this time they hit closer to home. As in we actually brought a few into ours. Other than the makeshift monogram above our bed and a few P’s here and there, we’ve never actually introduced our first initials to Chez Petersik. Until now. In celebration of our newly refreshed black and white bathroom, we decided to add a few personalized accessories.

Please allow me to introduce our cute new bathroom towel hooks courtesy of Anthropoligie (only $12 a pop). Identifying my towel has never been easier:

Anthropologie initial monogram towel hooks

And for only six beans each, we also grabbed these Anthropologie mugs, which hold some handy dandy cotton balls and floss. Gotta love when storage looks this good:

Initial Mugs from Anthropologie

The last exciting addition to our master bathroom revamp has nothing to do with letters but it’s too good not to mention. We finally replaced an old ho-hum white framed mirror with this swanktastic beauty, discovered at Home Goods for a staggering twenty nine dollars. I know, we couldn’t believe it either. Looking at ourselves has never been more fun.

Home Goods Bathroom Mirror



Hue Knew?

While celebrating Easter in Northern Virginia, my parents dropped a copy of The Washington Post in my lap that featured a BIG collection of articles on the blog world’s recent love affair with paint color. Blogs? Paint? Yes please.

The lead article focuses on two colorful blogs. (And no, Young House Love wasn’t one of them- but you can read about our own adventures in wall color selection here.) The first blog, Color For Your Home, is authored by several home color experts who dispense rules, tips and even personalized advice about color selection for the interior and exterior of your home. The second blog, Hue, is less about what to put on your walls and more about color’s impact on our lives – from what products we buy to, well okay, what we paint our walls. Both are definitely worth a look.

But back to the Washington Post feature. While there, be sure to check out all the items grouped under this story. You’ll find some pretty useful paint info including the difference between “eggshell” “satin” and all those other finishes, how to steer clear of an ugly exterior paint job and required reading for the paint enthusiast.

Our favorite feature, though, was the list of designer’s favorite paint colors. Can’t say I’d let all of these guys pick paint for my house (can a person who loves “Nacho Cheese” paint really call himself a designer?), but it’s always fun to see what the experts have to say. You can click here for the full graphic.