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Puppy Love

This morning as John headed off to work he mentioned that he’d hidden “a little something” around the house and encouraged me to “go on a scavenger hunt.” As I embarked on a journey that I expected to include lots of looking under, over and between objects in every room, imagine my surprise and delight upon immediately finding this huge concrete greyhound statue waiting for me by my desk- complete with a big red bow.

Greyhound Vday

You see, my obsession with greyhound statues began eons ago when I spied a pair of white glossy, ceramic greyhound statues flanking a fireplace in Jonathan Adler’s book, My Prescription To Anti-Depressive Living. I then began seeing them everywhere, from hotel designs by Kelly Wearstler to the pages of Domino. And I was itching to adopt one too! And then one fateful day about three months ago we stumbled across a concrete version at a local home and garden center. How cute of my man to remember my greyhound crush after all this time and make one mine. And as always, we saved a pretty penny since I recall that our concrete pup was priced somewhere around FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER than these glossy ceramic versions going for $465 at Perch.

Originally when we discovered the concrete version at the home and garden store, I daydreamed about topping it with white semi-gloss paint to mimic the sheen of the ceramic statues. But after setting my Valentine’s Day puppy down next to the living room fireplace, his subtle matte finish is actually perfect.

And speaking of perfect, I can’t have a post about puppies and not mention our other adorable accessory. Burger wishes all the ladies out there a very Happy V-day. And guys, guard your girls, he’s a little heart-breaker.




Making Personalized Initial Art To Hang Over The Bed

Let’s talk about bed letters. (Did I just make a “bed wetters” pun? Gross, I did). Now that we’ve all moved past my fourth grade humor, let me tell you why. It was the perfect way to introduce the answer to a question that we’ve been asked a lot lately: What’s in those three frames above your bed?

The answer: “J and S.” Call it a monogram or, more functionally, our designated sleeping arrangement, but either way this fun little take on our initials was all Sherry’s genius. She simply found three differently designed letters (a curvy spiral staircase inspired J, a sign language A-N-D and an architecturally drawn S). Then she framed them separately above our bed to fill that long, awkward space under our long, awkward window.

Initial Art

While we’re on the topic, the opposite side of our bedroom boasts another three-framed art piece. And this one’s my creation. Back when we first painted the bedroom blue, we looked for some “warm” art to cozy it up. We struck gold with a sunset photo I took in Santa Monica on our very first vacation together.

Having only struck metaphorical gold, however, the three-frame design was actually inspired by our tiny budget. Sizing the image across three 11″ x 17″ Ikea frames was the economical way to create big impact on that wall, especially since we got the images printed at Kinko’s for cheap (around 50 cents each). And now every morning we wake up to the sun and the sea. It’s like an ocean view on a budget.

Sunset Art

Despite both being simple projects, they’re two of our favorites – and have literally hung in there for almost two years. Which is practically a lifetime considering how often things change around here.