Flower Power

Remember the beeeeeautiful bouquet John got me to celebrate the culmination of a long hard kitchen remodel?

Kitchen Bouquet

Well, there must have been something in the water, because three weeks later some of the flowers were still alive and kickin’. So I plucked out the dead buds and cut the stems a little shorter to create this tight little bouquet. And since I didn’t have a small vase to put them in, I just used a drinking glass and wrapped some red ribbon around it for a little somethin’ extra.

Small Bouquet

And as if that wasn’t enough flower power for ya, on our two year anniversary of living in Richmond, John came home bearing more blooms. This time he was quick to explain that they were actually leftovers from a photoshoot, but it was still the thought that counted. (Note: we’re both in advertising, I realize we never really get into our real jobs here, but there it is… cat’s out of the bag). Anyway, so some of the flowers were gorgeous orchids, which basically arranged themselves in the vase from the previous flower delivery:


And there were also a few cheerful gerber daisies. But since I’ve aready mentioned that I have a serious vase shortage, I ended up displaying them in three random objects I had on hand: a blue glass, a green bottle, and a round blue vase. Lookie here:

Gerber daisies


  1. says

    I definitely think the “vases” in the last photo work. In fact, when I read the post I looked at the bottom picture before I read the text above it. Until I read it, for some reason my mind didn’t even register that the flowers weren’t in real “vases”…. Very nice.

  2. says

    I love how the gerbers are in different colors and shapes. Of course they are one of my favorites, and were in the only thing in my wedding bouquet. :) The little arrangement is a fun idea too.

  3. YoungHouseLove says

    I guess it’s all about (in the infamous words of Tim Gunn) making it work. And now that I know I don’t have to have vases of all shapes and sizes sitting around in case the hubs is feeling especially romantic, I have more room in my cabinets for chocolate. Yessss.