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Checking Out Our Pashmina Granite At The Stoneyard

Our new and improved granite slabs moseyed into town this week and, unlike our last visit to the stoneyard, it was definitely love at first sight. Here’s Sherry gettin’ friendly with our two hunks of Pashmina before they go in for cutting.

Sherry and Granite

The best news of the day was that our beautiful new counters are coming home on Tuesday. Score! That means our Home Depot installer can come back on Wednesday to hook up the plumbing and – dare I say it? – our new kitchen will be COMPLETE.

‘Til then, you’ll find us drooling over this photo we snapped of our soon-to-be countertop.

Our Slab of Pashmina



Great Balls Of Fire

I probably enter a Pier 1 about 2-3 times a year. It’s not that I don’t appreciate their aesthetic, it’s more like I forget they exist. But a few weeks ago when I swung through with a friend of mine, I laid eyes on the cutest little touch of texture: white ceramic honeycomb candle holders.

In fact, I liked them so much that I actually went back and made three of them mine last night. At $4 a pop you can’t get much more bang for you buck. And the chic peekaboo detail- which I didn’t even know was possible in something ceramic- makes them special and maybe even a little sexy.