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Home Sweet Self-Assembled Home

Between the numerous pieces of Swedish named furniture I’ve owned (or still own) and my collection of complimentary allen wrenches, there have been plenty of times in my life when I felt like I practically lived in IKEA. I’m sure plenty of you can relate. Especially if your name is Mark Malkoff.

On January 7th, Mark took this notion to the extreme and literally moved into everyone’s favorite meatball-servin’ furniture store. As the comedian documents on his website, he was granted permission to live in an IKEA in Paramus, NJ for six days while his New York City apartment was fumigated for roaches. And this is apparently not his first PR stunt, he’s also known to have visited all 171 Starbucks in Manhattan within 24 hours (which makes me doubt the truth behind his “fumigating” excuse).

Cockroaches or not, it’s definitely an amusing story. If you’ve got a tolerance for overacting, there are plenty of videos to browse on his website. But if you’re like me, you may be better off reading the story here. Either way, I’ve got to hand it to the guy: this is one gimmick that’s hard to ignore.

Maybe I’ll call Target and see if they’re interested in hosting me and Sherry for a little while. We wouldn’t even need to pack any clothes.



On The Road Again: Just Beachy

We’re currently blogging from the beach. Now before you get jealous let me just say that it’s about 20 degrees outside and we even got some light snow last night. But we’re loving the chance to relax and recharge at John’s parents’ lovely beach house just outside of Rehoboth, Delaware.

They recently purchased the house and it’s amazing how comfortable and homey they’ve been able to make it in mere months. And while we’ve spent our time playing board games, reading, watching movies, and snuggling Burger- we thought we’d take a quick break to share some fun decor ideas with you.

First, meet the beautiful beach house (love those starfish in the window above the door):

Beach House

And now for a little inspiration. How cute (and functional!) are these toiletries displayed in a decorative basket with shells:


All the kitchen accessories are red, from the coffee-maker to the toaster to the tea kettle. So cheerful and fun:

Red Kettle

And for the first time in over three months we had a functioning kitchen at our disposal, and boy did we take advantage of it. Among many delicious homemade meals, we feasted on this tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza:

Pizza Man

We’ll be returning to Richmond tonight, and while we’ve certainly been enjoying every second of our mini break from home improvement, I’m sure we’ll be wielding a hammer or a paint brush within a few hours of returning home. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.