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Our Dog-Turned-Reindeer Christmas Cards

As the wait for that last cabinet continues, we’ve found another way to keep ourselves busy: holiday cards. We’re not typically holiday card people, but with a Target coupon offering up some free photo greetings we couldn’t pass up the chance to spread some cheer.

Here’s the pic. It stars Burger, who fell victim to our idle hands, over-active imaginations and some photoshop:

Christmas Burger

In case we forget to say it later: Happy holidays to everyone from John, Sherry and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Chihuahua.



Happy Happy Joy Joy (Our New Living Room Sofa)

I’m so excited about our new living room couch. It’s 50% casual, 50% elegant AND 100% dog proof. The linen-look twill slipcover is just what the doctor ordered, and the clean lines and cushy pillows are the perfect balance of form and function. Of course it makes the more expensive couch in the den (that we got from Pottery Barn a few months ago) look like the redheaded step child. I guess couches are like Olsen twins… everyone has a favorite.

I just can’t get over the fact that the new couch was around $400 less than the Pottery Barn one and looks far superior. If you’re in the market for a new couch, book it to your nearest Rowe retailer (in our case it was Sofa Design in Richmond) and get one straight from the source. You’ll end up with tons more fabric choices (the pale linen-look twill wasn’t available at Pottery Barn), free throw pillows in any complementary fabric that you desire (we chose two with a subtle leafy branch motif), more money in your wallet, and a sofa that you’ll wanna come home to.

New Rowe Sofa

In other almost-sofa-related news, I added another fun Christmas touch that I’m dying to share. See those lamps on either side of our swank new couch? They have glass bases with an opening in the bottom. So I flipped them upside down, tossed in some silver balls, covered the opening, then flipped them back over again. Instant glamour.

Christmas Lamp

I’m loving our new seasonal lamp bases and I’m already brainstorming other stuff I can fill them with throughout the year. Seashells, black and white photos, wine corks, matchboxes- the possibilities are endless!