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Spreading Holiday Cheer

As mentioned in our “acceptance speech,” we planned to give a portion of our prize money from’s contest to a local housing charity. So when our check arrived on Saturday it was finally time to spread the love. And this time the love went to Richmond’s Better Housing Coalition.

The Better Housing Coalition has been working in Richmond for 20 years to revitalize communities in our area, primarily by taking neglected homes in historic neighborhoods and turning them into affordable housing for low-income families. For instance, they do work in Union Hill, the neighborhood featured in the TLC special “Flip It Back” we reported on a few weeks ago.

We’re still learning about the BHC, but they were recommended to us by two reliable people. USA Today also vouches for them in this article written last year about revitalizing old cities. We’re also impressed by their beautiful renovations and the fact that lately they’ve even been building their homes to meet strict green construction standards.

If you’re interested in donating to BHC yourself, click here. It feels pretty darn good. Promise.



All Up In My Area Rug

I am rarely excited by anything from JC Penney, but we just got the most amazing area rug for the living room. It has this great pattern (they call it “honeycomb”) and it’s real wool, which makes me feel like such a grown up.

It was a steal for around $200 (the detail, the quality, and the coloring is totally reminiscent of a thousand dollar version I saw a while back- yessss). Plus since I ordered it online, I was able to use a promo code to score an additional 20% off AND free shipping (tip: google the name of the store along with the words “promo code” to save a bundle of cashola- in this case I searched “JC Penney promo code”).

Here’s a close up of Burger getting to know his new play surface:

honeycomb rug

And a wide shot of the whole living area:

wide rug shot