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Our Kitchen Cabinets Are Like Slugs

As in, they take their sweet time. Yesterday was installation day 1, and it didn’t quite go exactly as planned. But then again, nothing in home improvement ever does.

It can best be compared to Christmas morning as a child when you can hardly sleep the night before, anxiously awaiting the crack of dawn so you can rip into all of those carefully wrapped gifts from “Santa.” John and I stayed up late and woke up early excitedly chattering about the long awaited installation. Remember, we’ve been completely kitchenless for close to two months (no cabinets, no counters, no sink, no nothing) so imagine our excitement at the prospect of seeing all of our cabinets out of their boxes and into their final resting places.

And the day started out well. It wasn’t until about an hour into the installation when I got the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news. One of our two corner base cabinets was reversed. In other words, they sent us two righties instead of a rightie and a leftie. Although KraftMaid has rushed to correct their mistake, it’s still gonna be about 2 weeks (!) before the new cabinet arrives. Boo! The kitchen was on schedule to be done by the 19th, but now we’ll be lucky to have a finished kitchen by early January.

And that’s how the Grinch stole our Christmas kitchen.

In the meantime, our installer has decided to forge ahead with all the other cabinets. Here’s what the kitchen looked like on Sunday night:

Empty Kitchen 12/2 - 1

And what it looked like on Monday night:

Cabinet Install 12/3 - 1

We can’t believe the amazing amount of storage in our extra tall 42 inch upper cabinets. Burger (in his Christmas sweater) and I can practically live inside:

Sherry in Cabinet

I guess the cabinet debacle is just another lesson that nothing ever comes easy… but when it’s all said and done it’s nothing short of miraculous. Even if our kitchen is fashionably late, at least we’ll have the rest of our lives to enjoy it.



Watching Paint Dry

As I type this the walls are drying in the 2nd bedroom after what I can only pray is the final paint project in unifying our house with a consistent color scheme. A couple of months ago we noted how the warm, neutral wall colors in many model homes inspired us to tone down the rainbow theme we had going on. Especially since we had read that repeating colors in a small house can really help make it seem larger.

So, as of just about right now, our house painting is officially done…for a while at least.

We decided to use that fancy floorplan we created using Floorplanner to demonstrate the change. Oh and these colors are taken from Glidden’s digital swatchbook so the color on your computer screen is only as accurate as your monitor.

Color Scheme: THEN

House Colors Before

I know, I know. It looks fun and cheery – but it was a little schizophrenic. In fact, the only color we repeated at all was the bold turquoise color in the 3rd bedroom (which was the dining room at the time) and the 1/2 bath. Now we understand that in a small house you want continuity and rooms that feel like they flow- and not like they’re chopped up with different color schemes.

Color Scheme: NOW

House Colors After

Only the master bedroom and the sunroom escaped the repainting massacre, and while it may not look exciting on screen – it totally made the house feel bigger, more connected and a lot more grown up. Here’s the final report on the paint colors, in case you’re looking for some inspiration yourself:

Final Color Scheme

Ok, now I’ve gotta go wash some Sand White off my hands. It feels good to be done. Although a homeowner’s work is never really done…