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Our Dream Kitchen: The One In “As Good As It Gets”

With our kitchen designer back in town we took some more measurements and worked out all the kinks in our design – and FINALLY ordered the cabinets and countertop this weekend.

That kicks off the slow process of fabricating and installing everything, which is estimated to take 12-ish weeks. Fortunately, we know the Home Depot is generous with their guesstimations, so we’re crossing our fingers for something a little sooner. Either way it buys us plenty of time to fill everyone in on the details.

When it came time to start the design process, Sherry and I holed up in Barnes & Noble one night sifting through home magazines and books, searching for the perfect kitchen as a springboard for the design process. (I had a lot of catching up to do since Sherry has volumes of Domino and Blueprint memorized, not to mention hours of HGTV and TLC logged in her brain). After seeing plenty of crazy, plenty of country and plenty of uber-modern kitchens we both agreed that the kitchen from As Good As It Gets is amazing.

Obviously, it’s WAY bigger than our space, but it inspired us to go for a clean, classic (hopefully never dated) kitchen. Starting with this picture made our design decisions a lot easier and our kitchen desinger was eternally grateful that we didn’t change our mind a million times throughout the process.

That’s not to say we didn’t depart from the dream in some cases. For instance, we love the subway tile backsplash but right now we’re more interested in something paintable so we can get a punch of color in there (that can be changed). So we’re going to go with a granite countertop along with a matching 4″ backsplash to hopefully catch all the splatter with room above it for some nice water resistant semi gloss paint (in the same gray-blue color that we love so much in our bedroom).

Either way, we’re happy and excited for all that fabrication and installation to finally get started. Stay tuned for up to the minute details…