Beachy Keen: Adding Curtains To The Sunroom

After months of meaning to hang some curtains in our all glass sunroom to soften things up, John and I finally made the move yesterday. We took white $5 cotton panels (gotta love Ikea) and hung them in all four corners of the sunroom to block minimum light but give it a clean beachy vibe. And we didn’t even have to go to Lowe’s for hanging supplies. John just used twine and nails to secure them right under the molding for maximum height. Very MacGuyver of him, huh?

Here’s a before shot for reference:

Sunroom Corner - Before

And the easy breezy after shot:

Sunroom Corner - After

And more of a wide shot to see them in context:

Sunroom Corner - After Full 2


  1. YoungHouseLove says

    Thanks, Cathy! I’m glad everyone at is enjoying the blog – and we appreciate the flattering article :)

    We can’t wait to hear the contest results. In the meantime, we’ll keep ourselves busy browsing all the fun photo galleries you guys have available. Mucho inspriring!


  2. Debbie Popovich says

    In the Spring 2009 issue of DYI, you gave instructions on all the painting ideas EXCEPT the brass fireplace screen. Could you please send me those instructions and whether or not the fireplace can still be used. Thank you so much and anyone else who knows how to do this. Debbie

  3. Anna says


    I love your home. I have a question about curtains. I have a bow window in my dining room(3 windows-each on a separate wall with molding around each window)without too much room in between. I want to put window treatments up, but am confused about where to hang them. Are curtain rods made that would be 1 rod that is bent and goes over all three windows? Or do you recommend putting cutains just on the outside of the outter 2 windows, or put 3 rods up, and curtains around both sides of ever window?


    • says

      We’d definitely recommend hunting down one long rod so you can add four panels (two to flank the middle window and two to flank the outside windows so it looks sort of like one big pane of glass once you cover the sliver of wall space between them). We would check out a bunch of places like JC Penney, Ikea and Macy’s to see if they have a curved rod that will work on a bow window (and if not, we know Ikea sells great wire curtain “rods” that can be placed in rounded areas and even mounted onto people’s ceilings). Hope it helps!


  4. says

    Hi Sherry and John!

    I have a question about window treatments. Last night my husband and I hung our bamboo shades and white curtains and they look AMAZING! (I’ll send pictures as soon as we get our new couch next week!) We have a french door directly across our big window (about 25 feet), so our living/dining room is basically one space. We need to be able to cover our windows so our neighbors can’t see in when we are not home… My question is should we hang the curtains and bamboo shades on the french doors like the window directly across it (of course above the door so we can still open them), or should we do something a little lighter like white, airy, roman shades to hang on the doors? I just don’t want to go overboard with the curtains, but it really needs something! Thanks a bunch and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website! :)

    Thanks again!

    • says

      We would do exactly the same curtain and blind combo on those doors if you can. It’ll really keep things feeling balanced and cohesive. Hope it helps!


  5. Holly says

    hey guys
    wondering if you could explain a little more about how you MacGuyver-ed your curtains? trying to do the same thing on our porch and not sure the best way to hang them.

    • says

      Hey Holly,

      The best way to describe it would be that John hammered a series of long nails halfway into the wall (so they still stick out about an inch or so) and then used twine threaded through the curtain pocket and tied it at multiple points to those nail “pegs” that he created on the wall. Hope it helps!


  6. Katie says

    Hey Sherry & John! I absolutely love everything you have done to your house, and i can’t wait for you guys to move so I can continue to follow you on your adventure of remodeling another home into a gorgeous beauty! With that being said, one of my favorite rooms is your porch…I too have a porch and have dreams of having a room as nice as yours. I love the curtains that you have hung, and am hoping to mimic the look on my porch. Do you have the style name of your Ikea curtains?

  7. says

    Hi there! After 3 years of living in my house I am finally going to put up window treatments on my bedroom windows b/c of getting inspired on your site!!! (Well, that and I’m expecting my 2nd kid and want to be able to block some light for my postpartum naps! :-)) So thank you!

    I am looking for a curtain rod that will span 184″ and can’t seem to find it so I’m wondering if something you did here in this sunroom might work. (My window is 128″ wide, but taking your “high and wide” tip I’m going to go the full expanse of my wall which is 184”.)

    I know you say that you got these curtain rods for this sunroom at Ikea but I think you must have done some type of a trick to make them that gigantic. Do they just fit into each other? I can’t believe how nice the two brackets pretty much next to each other look.


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