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Operation Widen Doorways – Day 2

Day 2 with the crew was a rocky one, but still had its share of successes. The good news is:

    1. The electrician installed a new switch so we can finally turn off the kitchen light.
    2. The Parker boys finished closing off the dining room door with new dry wall.

Dining room door - last time Sherry Dining room door - covered

    1. They also successfully widened the doorway that leads to the sunroom from the den. Now we have a nice, airy back entrance (the picture doesn’t do it justice) that will look great with our new washer and dryer in the newly opened nook to the right of the door.

Laundry Old Door Laundry - New Doorway

Now, the rocky parts:

  1. The electrician showed up so early (7:45am) that he caught me in my underwear carrying the dog back in from the yard.
  2. The Parker boys gave up on widening the brick-framed door between the kitchen and den. They just couldn’t figure it out. They refunded our money but we’re now on an emergency hunt to find a skilled mason who can do the work (hopefully without allowing our roof to collapse in the process).
  3. Some paint cans the Parker guys were hauling away for us EXPLODED under the pressure of the demo’d cabinets in their trailer, sending paint all over our new-ish driveway. Fortunately, Sherry + some patience + a hose = problem solved.

Today, the crew’s back doing some touch ups and we’re continuing the mason hunt. We want the last doorway done by Tuesday so we can keep the floor guy on schedule for Wednesday. Cross your fingers!



Light My Fire (A Pendant Light We LOVE)

Ok, so we’ve been passive aggressively looking for the perfect light fixture to hang over the dining room table in our big dining/living room to better delineate the dining area.

After repeatedly searching ebay, patrolling google, and leafing through a few dozen catalogs, I finally struck gold when I thought to hit up the CB2 website. Not only did they have a clean, classic light fixture, it was as easy on my wallet as it was on my eyes. After checking out options in the $200 to $400 range all morning, the $49 price tag almost knocked me off my chair. Needless to say, I wasted no time ordering it from the comfort of my little office in a bubble.

Lamp for Dining Room