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Operation Widen Doorways: Days 3 & 4

Today is Columbus Day so I’m home from work and I get to witness Day 4 first hand. Unfortunately, all the exciting stuff is over and it’s basically just one of the Parker guys – Conrad – taking care of some finishing touches (sanding, skim coating, etc). Just like Day 3 all over again (apparently walls need a lot of finessing to look seamless).

Conrad’s awesome. He’s even helping smooth out some other walls – like where the chair rail came down in the new third bedroom and where we demo’d the laundry nook. Once the joint compound is all dry, it just needs to be lightly sanded and the walls will be ready for a coat of that warm neutral paint we saw in all the ginormous model homes yesterday.

We’re trying to paint before the new floors go in (next Monday 10/15), but have to wait until that pesky brick doorway is opened (on Thursday 10/11). Btw, we did find a mason that could do the job AND he’s only charging $500, just a hundred more than Parker was charging (plus he’s a brick expert so it’ll look flawless). We’re a week behind schedule but we’re happy that we found the man for the job. Stay tuned for pics!



Oooh, Ancient Treasure!

When the cabinets came out on Wednesday, we uncovered some buried treasure. Well, if you consider things stuck under 50-year old cabinets to be “buried” and tattered old papers to be “treasure.”

Here’s what we found:

Click below to see the treasures larger. Any suggestions on what we should do with them?

Wall Treasures