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Finding An Affordable Stainless Steel Range Hood

HOODWINKED! As in, we did the hoodwinking. After months of having our eye on a stainless steel chimney hood for above the stove in our new kitchen, the $1579 price tag was still hard to swallow. And then something that can only be described as a miracle happened. We found one for $350.

It turns out that a high-end European brand wanted to break into the US market, so they offered their swank chimney hood exclusively to Home Depot at a staggering $350 price. Home Depot gladly accepted and within weeks it had sold out. But not before we snagged one!

Our swank new hood

And get this- according to the salesman, the company is so known for its top of the line products (and top of the chart prices) that they CHANGED THEIR NAME to Arietta for their Home Depot line, so their European clients wouldn’t become enraged over the insanely low prices being offered in the US. Victory is ours!



Updating Our Exterior Porch Lights With Something New

To commemorate Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World, we replaced all of our outdoor light fixtures today. (Don’t worry, you’re not missing any symbolism). When the Parade of Homes yesterday confirmed that craftsman style is an actual trend, not just our own preference, we were inspired to infuse our house with craftsman elements where we could. Since Frank Lloyd Wright isn’t around anymore to redesign the whole place, it was up to us to start small.

Enter our front and back porch lights. They’re currently both small, skinny victorian-inspired lamps that are looking a little beat-up and buggy. Gross. Time for their exit.

At Lowe’s we picked up two, large lantern style lights for the front porch. The bigger size attracted more attention, and the seeded glass and oil-rubbed bronze actually made them worth looking at. Definitely worth the $35 each.

Front Porch Light

After a couple hours of playing electrician (we basically just connect the same wires that we disconnect) we now have two new lights that make our house feel just a smidge more craftsman. And making these little lighting switches is such an easy way to add curb appeal and update your home in an instant. Which is certainly cheaper than springing for a new one.