Girl in a Bubble – Part 2

Girl in a Bubble - Part 2
“Im in a bubble again. This time of the mason’s making.”

That’s the text message I got from Sherry yesterday, announcing the surprise arrival of Richard-the-mason. We weren’t expecting him until today, but were psyched to see him and his crew show up early to start the brick doorway job.

And man is it a messy job. They’ve hung plastic membranes everywhere and coated a couple floors with brown paper, but it still feels like there’s not only dust, but brick and cinder block crumbs everywhere. Not to mention the crew’s half-empty water bottles and used dust masks. They’ve promised to clean up more thoroughly today when they’re done (cross your fingers…that they finish and that they clean).

Here’s the progress made yesterday:

Brick Door - Cut Into Brick Door - Sorta Open


  1. says

    how did you guys come across a mason expert? My husband and I are about to start our own home renovation on a foreclosure and are looking to open a few doorways. We think one might involve brick being removed and want to make sure we call in the right backup for the job.

    • says

      Hey Nicole,

      We used the yellow pages! Called a few guys out for estimates and went with the one who seemed the most knowledgeable (after haggling him down to the best price we could). Good luck!


  2. Kris says

    Do you remember how much this project cost you guys? I’m buying a house and going through all your oldies!

    • says

      I think we paid a mason $300 for help with that wall since it was load bearing and widening the other wall was $100 since it wasn’t load bearing (and closing off that other doorway to the dining room turned bedroom was $100 too. Here’s a breakdown of the whole project though (replacing all the cabinets, redoing the lighting, and replacing the counters was really the expensive part):

  3. Alyson says

    When I discovered your blog (just before you were pregnant with Clara), I never went back in time and read from the beginning. Now, after nearly a month OF DWELLING IN DARKNESS WITHOUT YOU, I just had to find something gloriously DIY and non-sponsored to read, and I went back to the blog post that began it all and am working forward from there. I am having a delightful time. I love these little posts! Just a few hundred words long, a couple of pictures. Of course it helps that I can read like a score of them in a sitting; but still, it is nice just to see the incremental progress.

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