The verdict is in: our house is a mess. And we have to admit that we sometimes yearn for the old days when shelves housed decorative items like photos and vases instead of cereal boxes and light bulbs. In clearing out our entire kitchen for the renovation we’ve been forced to find creative places for all the stuff that we used to have crammed into cabinets.

I don’t know if you have paused to think about how many things you have in your kitchen cabinets and drawers, but IT’S A HECK OF A LOT OF STUFF. So when John suggested we clear off our pretty decorative Ikea shelves and use them as a makeshift pantry, I resisted for about a second until I realized it was really our only choice.

Shelves before

Don’t worry, the pretty pictures and plants you see here will be back up next week after the kitchen floors are in and we can move all the kitchen stuff back into the kitchen where it belongs. And you better believe we’re counting down the seconds.

Shelves after


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    A first comment! My reward for beginning at the start, at 1 in the morning (a cold + pregnancy = insomnia!). My kitchen is similarly disorganised due to ants! Hate the darn things.

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    We just redid out kitchen, and we emptied everything out of the cabinets and piled it into our office… we don’t really use the office as an office, it’s a storage room with a desk, but for a week, it was waist-deep with food, utensils, plates, glasses, curtains… it’s crazy how much stuff you keep in a kitchen!