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A New Layout For The Kitchen (& Lots More Storage!)

This whole kitchen thing started because we wanted to widen two doorways (from the den to our kitchen, and from the living & dining room to our kitchen). In our typical 50’s brick ranch, just about every room is connected by a narrow doorway. It’s got great bones (and a fantastic all glass sunroom) but we just want to improve the flow of the house and make everything a little more open.

I, whether brilliantly or foolishly, suggested we close off a third door in our kitchen that leads to our current dining room (so we can convert the dining room into the third bedroom that we bought it as), move the dining area into our already giant and open living room and rearrange the whole kitchen to get more cabinet and counterspace.

I suggested this as a “way-down-the-road” project, but within days we had contractors coming by to give us estimates. I guess I had forgotten that we operate on a very short road in this household.

After a great deal of measuring (both of the kitchen and the capacity of our bank accounts), here’s our grand scheme:

Old Kitchen layout New Kitchen layout
Existing Kitchen New Kitchen

We’ve already given a kitchen designer all the measurements (more on that later) and had her cabinet & counter guy come measure the space. We’re planning to meet with her next week for the verdict on just how close we can get to our dream kitchen…and how much it’ll cost us.



Our Big Project

So why start a blog 16 months after purchasing the house? After we’ve already made plenty of changes?

The kitchen.

Now that we’ve finished our other big project for the year (getting married) we’re ready to take on project #2 – a complete kitchen remodel. You may have seen how we already transformed the kitchen once:

1970s Lumberjack’s Paradise:
Old Kitchen appliances Old Kitchen cabinets

21st Century Kitchen:

New Kitchen

And that was just paint, appliances, cabinet hardware and vinyl tiles. So, imagine what will happen when we demo the whole thing (except for the new appliances!) and start from scratch.